Eco errands is a Personal Errand service based in Stourbridge established in 2017. My intention is to unburden our busy community, whether that’s picking up the dry cleaning so you can spend an extra hour with the kids or watching your home whilst you’re away so you can relax or work with peace of mind. At Eco Errands I trade in time, early on I realised that there never seems to be enough of it and we begrudgingly spend too much of it on ‘life admin’! So I set up this service to take away the mundane tasks that ordinarily occupy our free time leaving you to spend it however you wish!

As well as caring for the community I deeply care about the environment and believe we should look after it as best we can. Often we’re too busy and pre-occupied to go greener but I’m here to go greener for you. That’s why all of the errands are carried out on push bikes and whenever possible, we will use substances free from phosphates, chlorine, artificial fragrances, and artificial colours. I am proud to be an environmentally friendly and ethical small local business that is price-competitive with companies that are using less bio-friendly methods.

I am focused and passionate about giving excellent customer service. With an extensive background and deep roots in the service industry I pride myself on being professional, efficient and approachable. To ensure that your happy with the service I provide check backs are completed on the same day the errand has been carried out, any feedback is encouraged to ensure I continuously provide an excellent service. I’m completely flexible on time and errand requirements so if you require a service that you don’t see listed please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form or my social media links found below.